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International Wine Club

International Wine Club

Rare access to fabulous international wines from family-owned estates around the world. International wine like you've never tasted before!

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What's In the Club

All The Good Stuff

The Highlights

The International Wine Club takes you on an incredible tasting journey around the globe to discover hard-to-find imported, ultra-premium wines from some of the great hidden wine country estates. These wines are selectively imported and cannot be found easily anywhere else in the United States.

For each quarterly shipment, we select three special wines from a different country (two different reds and one white). Tasting notes for each wine are included making this the ideal club for the person who enjoys a worldwide tasting adventure.

Due to limited availability, this club level only ships quarterly.

Looking for a Prepaid Subscription? Visit our Gift Subscriptions page to learn more.

The Details

  • 3 Bottle Shipment Red: 2 unique reds (1 is doubled)
  • 3 Bottle Shipment Mixed: 2 unique reds + 1 white
  • 6 Bottle Shipment Red: 3 each, 2 unique reds
  • 6 Bottle Shipment Mixed: 2 each, 2 unique reds + 2 bottles of white
  • 12 Bottle Shipment Red: 6 each, 2 unique reds
  • 12 Bottle Shipment Mixed: 4 each, 2 unique reds + 4 bottles of white
  • Alcohol Content: The wines we feature are typically between 12.5% - 15.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).
  • Please note: Recurring billing will only happen with Ongoing orders. If you select prepaid shipments, your membership will end after the selected number of shipments. Price does not include shipping. Shipping costs are based on zip code and are added at checkout.

Having been a member of Gold Medal for over a decade, they've never steered me wrong.

- James D -

What to Expect from Your Wine Club

At Gold Medal we are with you from your initial order to helping you fulfill your gift list via our exclusive wine concierge service.

Here is the process from start to finish:

  1. Confirmation: Once you've confirmed your wine subscription you will receive a confirmation and timeline for receiving your first delivery.
  2. Delivery: You will be notified via email when your wine is shipped and is out for delivery.
  3. Your Box: All our wine clubs come with custom tasting notes and wine information inside the box.
  4. Wine Subscription Benefits: If you love a wine you can contact your wine concierge to add additional bottles to an upcoming order.
  5. Flexibility: Love this club and ready to explore Gold Medal further? Switch to one of our premier clubs easily.
  6. Share the Experience: As one of the top corporate gifting platforms for wine, you are sure to surprise and delight all the people in your life and we are here to help make that happen.

To get started, sign up on this page or call our wine concierge at 1-800-266-8888 to get a consult on which club is right for you.

About Gold Medal Wine Club

How We Source

Beyond focusing on award winning and medaled wines, EVERY wine selected for Gold Medal's clubs is reviewed and approved by our in-house somm for quality and value.