Notable winemakers, coveted bottlings, and cellar-worthy pours.

Collectors and connoisseurs have depended on Gold Medal Wine Club to deliver a curated selection of exceptional wines for more than 30 years.

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    "The most versatile, well-vetted monthly wine offers an array of memberships and wine club gifts that will please both the novice and the expert wine drinker."

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    "If you're wanting to join a wine of the month club or planning to give wine club gifts, this is the wine club for you!"

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Weekly Wine Wins

Each week we feature a highly rated wine at an unbelievable discount as well as wine samplers that are too good to miss. Take advantage before they sell out!

Juslyn 2019 96 Point Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Deal

2019 Juslyn Vineyards Perry's Blend

Spring Mountain's Juslyn Vineyards dazzles Gold Medal Wine Club with its award-winning 2019 Perry's Blend, a Cabernet-dominated marvel that earned a 96-point rating from Wine Advocate.

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Diamond 2018 Cabernet Wine Deal Sampler

Diamond 2018 Cabernet Trio

A perfect winter red Cabernet Trio! In this bold trio you'll get 3 powerhouse Cabernet Sauvignons bundled in one package.

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About the Gold Medal Wine Club

Discovering Excellence with Gold Medal Wine Club

At Gold Medal Wine Club, our journey is all about unearthing the exquisite and the exceptional for our members.

  • Founded on a passion for ageable wines, we focus on hard to get award-winning bottles.
  • Gold Medal Wine Club curates only the finest selections, ensuring each bottle is not only highly regarded, but also passes our own rigorous tasting panel.

Our selection process is rigorous, focused on gold medal-winning and highly rated vineyards, reflecting our name and mission.

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to offer exclusive wine memberships near you that open doors to the world of premium wines.
  • From robust reds to refreshing whites, our memberships are more than a subscription; they're an invitation to join a circle of like-minded individuals who value exceptional wine and the stories behind each vineyard.

With Gold Medal Wine Club, you're not just receiving bottles of wine; you're gaining access to a curated selection of the best wines, handpicked by experts who share your passion for quality and uniqueness.

About Us
About Gold Medal Wine Club

What to Expect from Gold Medal Wine Club

Embarking on a journey with Gold Medal Wine Club means stepping into a world where every shipment is a new discovery.

Our wine club features are designed to cater to the discerning wine drinker, offering monthly shipments of 2-12 bottles filled with the finest domestic and international wine selections. Expect to explore a variety of wine tastings from renowned wine regions, each bottle a testament to the skill and dedication of its makers.

Our wine selections spotlight the beloved Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other varietals, ensuring a rich diversity that caters to every palate.

Members can look forward to exploring wine clubs monthly, with each month bringing a new theme, from great wine finds to international adventures.

Our wine club gifts make the perfect wine subscription as a gift, allowing you to share the joy of discovery with friends and family. Whether it's a wine gift subscription, a wine club present, or a wine sampler, our offerings are tailored to make any occasion special.

The benefits of joining our club extend beyond the bottles. Excellent customer service, seamless credit card transactions, and wine profile inserts, features that enhance your experience are all part of the package.

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