About Gold Medal

In 1992, 'The Road to Great Wines Begins at Your Door' became a reality when Gold Medal Wine Club was born. Suddenly, wine enthusiasts in states across the country had access to great wines produced in California from the comfort of their home. As time went on and our club grew to include wines from all over the world, consumers quickly realized the wines from Gold Medal Wine Club were a far cry from the uninteresting, mass-produced wines typically found at their local liquor store.

Gold Medal Wine Club’s vision was, and still is, to offer wine lovers a variety of ultra-premium, hard-to-find wines from small, family owned wineries not easily found in stores. This vision has been fulfilled with each and every set of featured wines over the last 30+ years. Since 1992, Gold Medal has introduced to their members over 500 different wineries and over a 1000 different wines in the Gold Wine Club alone.

It’s hard to believe that 30+ years has gone by since Gold Medal Wine Club shipped the very first selection of wines to their charter members. Amazingly, over 250 loyal, original members are still receiving their Gold Medal Wine of the Month Club shipments today. With over 2.5 million Wine Club shipments since 1992, Gold Medal is proud to be your club of choice. Cheers!