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Top wines for your favorite friends and Family

Gifting With Gold Medal Wine Club

Why should I give a sampler via Gold Medal Wine Club?

As one of the most trusted names in wine, we focus on highly rated and medaled wines ONLY. So not only is it vetted by reputable publications, but our in-house somm also rejects a significant percentage of wines that don't meet our own personal standards to be in the Gold Medal Wine Club.

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The top three Chardonnays available with ....

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About Gold Medal Wine Club

In 1993 founders David and Linda Chesterfield were avid wine collectors eager to share their love of fine wine.

As they scoured wine publications and followed ratings and reviews, they began to curate picks for friends and family.

Before long, “the road to great wine” began, and for wine collectors across the country, Gold Medal Wine Club became the preeminent provider of highly awarded, premium wines.

Today, Gold Medal Wine Club is at the core of Gold Medal Wine Group; a collection of the most revered names in the wine club industry.