A Message from the Master of Wine

A Message from the Master of Wine

Introducing Bree Stock, Master of Wine. We’re thrilled to welcome Bree to the Gold Medal Wine Club family. Bree is a highly accomplished Master of Wine whose career reflects a profound passion for wine and extensive international experience.

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Originally from Australia, Bree’s journey in the wine industry has been marked by a deliberate and wide-ranging approach.

She has held various roles around the world, starting in Canada where she excelled in sommelier and wine program development positions. Her journey took her from Vancouver, BC to Nova Scotia, where she earned accolades for her expertise.

Bree attained sommelier certifications and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma, laying a solid foundation for her future endeavors.

After returning to Australia, Bree took on sales and portfolio management roles at DeBortoli Wines, one of the country’s largest family-owned wine companies. Later, she joined The Spanish Acquisition in Melbourne, renowned for its exceptional selection of modern Spanish and Portuguese wines.

Since 2008, Bree has operated as an independent consultant in the wine industry, specializing in developing educational programs and sensory training. Her expertise has greatly benefited Australia’s leading independent retailers and wine education programs. Bree’s contributions include conducting essential market and brand analysis and providing strategic advice on wine business management.

Bree’s international footprint extends beyond consultancy; she is a seasoned international wine judge, regional market advisor, presenter, and occasional winemaker. Her extensive experience spans harvest and consulting roles across Australia, Austria, Portugal, and the United States. These diverse experiences have deepened her comprehensive understanding of global wine practices.

In her roles, Bree actively participated in and gained insights from diverse wine-making traditions and techniques across different regions worldwide. Her direct engagement in vineyards and wineries has significantly enhanced her expertise and provided her with a broadened perspective on the global wine industry.

Through these experiences, Bree has deepened her understanding of how various wine-making practices influence wine quality and style. Her hands-on approach has enriched her knowledge and provided her with practical insights that she applies effectively in her consultancy and educational roles. This direct involvement in vineyards and wineries has equipped her with a deep understanding of how different wine-making techniques impact the final product.

Her practical experience allows her to offer valuable guidance to clients and students, bridging the gap between theory and real-world application in the wine industry. Bree’s expertise is not just theoretical; it’s grounded in firsthand knowledge gained through years of working closely with vineyard teams and winemakers worldwide.

Specializing in wine education development, Bree currently consults for the Oregon Wine Board, enhancing industry education initiatives. Her expertise covers every aspect of the wine industry, from grape processing and fermentation to developing marketing strategies, engaging consumers, and promoting wine tourism.

As a member of the Institute of Masters of Wine, Bree Stock is recognized as a top-tier expert in her field. Her membership underscores her outstanding contributions and refined palate, distinguishing her among her peers in the global wine community.

As we begin this exciting journey with Bree Stock at Gold Medal Wine Club, we encourage you to discover our carefully curated selections. Each wine reflects Bree’s commitment to quality and her extensive expertise in the industry.

Join us in exploring wines that embody Bree Stock’s discerning taste and passion for excellence. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the world of wine, there’s something exceptional waiting for you at Gold Medal Wine Club.

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