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Garagiste Wine Club

Garagiste Wine Club

Experience the exciting world of authentic, garagiste wine gems crafted in small batches by independent winemakers. Hard to find, easy to love.

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What's In The Club

Club Highlights

(gar-uh-zheest)´ noun 1. A French term used to describe independent, artisan winemakers handcrafting small batches of wine on their own and not yet discovered by the mainstream.

The Garagiste Wine Club celebrates the independent winemaker spirit and embraces this emerging movement that has resulted in some of the most exciting, under-the-radar wines in the world.

Each wine club selection is handcrafted by skilled and passionate winemakers in very small quantities. This club includes wines from limited to small-lot winemakers who typically produce less than 1,500 cases annually which means these wines are virtually impossible to find in the marketplace. If you or your gift recipients love the thought of finding rare and fascinating wines before they are discovered, this wine of the month club is the perfect choice and gift.

Choose monthly or quarterly wine club shipments.

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Club Details

  • 2 Bottles: 1 bottle each of 2 unique red wines
  • 4 Bottles: 2 bottles each of 2 unique red wines
  • 6 Bottles: 3 bottles each of 2 unique red wines
  • 12 Bottles: 6 bottles each of 2 unique red wines
  • Alcohol Content: The wines we feature are typically between 12.5% - 15.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).
  • Please note: Recurring billing will only happen with Ongoing orders. If you select between 3-12 prepaid shipments, your membership will end after the selected number of shipments. Price does not include shipping. Shipping costs are based on zip code and are added at checkout.